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Back Packs and Back Pain

Back Packs and Back Pain

It is back to school time and that means heavy back packs for many students which can lead to back pain and problems at a young age. 

1. Choose a back pack that is the right size for the student. 

2. Use the back pack as intended, for example using both shoulder straps for equal weight distribution instead of draping over one shoulder. Some packs have a lumbar support cushion.

3. Only carry necessary items in the back pain, lighten the load when possible. 

4. If your student is having back issues from the back pack, ask your Chiropractor for a note to keep books / supplies elsewhere or use a rolling book bag that reduces back strain.

Return to school time is also a good time for a spinal checkup with your Chiropractor.  We generally assess children's spines similar to an adult and pay special attention to uneven leg lengths or unequal muscle tone in the spine during the growing years which may indicate scoliosis or other back problems. Diagnosing spinal conditions at a young age and determining proper treatment may help from future limitations and impairments. 

Enjoy the back to school time and contact our offices for any student spinal concerns. 

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