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Aspartame / Diet drinks are harmful

Artificial Sweeteners are Harmful to your Health

Aspartame and many other artificial sweeteners are very harmful and will most likely be banned in our lifetime. I know they taste good and you think they help you lose weight, but let's look at the real story...

When you drink or eat products that contain Aspartame or artificial sweeteners, it gives your brain the perception of something thousands of times sweeter than natural sugar. Your brain immediately thinks there is a large load of sugar coming into your system and tells the pancreas to dump insulin into your gut to combat the high dose of sugar. Of course there is not a large amount of sugar to deal with, so your blood sugar drops suddenly. Next, your brain detects the drop in sugar and tells the adrenal glands (above the kidneys) to secrete cortisol to raise the blood sugar back to normal levels. Cortisol not only raises your blood sugar back to normal, but is also considered the "STRESS HORMONE" of the body.  This raises your blood pressure, decreases your immune system, increases your cravings for sweet - fatty - salty foods. Ongoing exposure to higher cortisol levels can have negative side affects such as muscle wasting (proteolysis), reduced fat break down (lypolysis) which makes you fatter. And the list goes on and on. 

Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners have been categorized as EXCITO-NEUROTOXINS which means they stimulate the brain so much that some of your brain cells DIE...

So, every time you drink or eat these "Diet" products you are risking your good health.  Bottom line is that these products rot your brain, mess up your blood sugar, make you more stressed and often make you fatter.  So enjoy if you wish to continue with diet products. 

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