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Inflammation as the Cause of Pain


We are hearing more and more about inflammation as the cause of many ailments.  Symptoms such as pain, stiffness, swelling and burning are common.  Some that are not so common that we don't always contribute to inflammation such as heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia and immune deficiency syndromes. 

Acute inflammation: This commonly happens after trauma or repetitive strain to the body. Muscle, joints, ligaments, tendons and intervertebral discs become swollen leading to symptoms. Causes include whiplash, auto accidents, slip / falls, sports, heavy lifting / pushing / pulling, weekend warrior activities. Typically treatment includes rest, ice, compression, elevation and avoiding further strain of the injures area. Gentle range of motion, mobilization, Chiropractic manipulation / adjustments should be started as soon as tolerable to restore motion and limit the amount of fibrous scar tissue that forms. 

Chronic inflammation: Cardiologists have found through research that chronic inflammation is just as important to address as high levels of cholesterol in treating heart and vascular conditions. Chronic inflammation in the blood vessels cause the inner lining to become "sticky" and more prone for cholesterol circulating in the blood stream to stick to the blood vessels and form blockages and clots.  This leads to heart and vascular disease. 

The Do's:

1) Take omega 3 fatty acids such as fish oil on a daily basis. General dosage for adults is 3,000 mg per day.

2) Eat natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and avoid processed foods. 

3) Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day (ex: 2 liter bottle).

The Dont's:

1) Limit caffeine and alcohol.

2) Limit processed sugars, carbohydrates and grains (breads, cereals, pastries, pasta, baked items and "sweets" in general.

3) Limit dairy products. Most adults are lactose intolerant which causes inflammation. Choose almond milk or rice milk as an alternative.

4) Avoid artificial sweeteners (Aspartame, Saccharin, Sucralose, Splenda, Equal, Nutrasweet, Sweet N Low). Use real cane sugar, honey, molasses, lime or lemon.

5) Avoid all trans-fatty acids, hydrogenated oils, hydrolized oils.

6) Avoid soy products.

7) Avoid MSG (mono sodium glutamate), sodium nitrate / nitrate. These preservatives are found in many processed foods and meats. 

8) Avoid peanuts and peanut butter. 

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